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Circle Road


Duration of this project is one year that will be renewed every year it starts from 11/12/2014 for a year and has renewed it .

Routine maintenance and cleanliness of the Ring Road in the distance the circular intersection with Suez Road until its intersection with the Alexandria Agricultural Road 23 kilometer double road.

Main Responsibilities:

- Routine maintenance and cleaning of the surface of the road , side tendencies , concrete surfaces and the bottom of the industrial business 32 kilometers starts from the circular intersection with Suez Road junction and even agricultural sector , this includes 12 km insiders and House

- Collecting waste from Dust, stones and sand which produces due to natural factors or car accidents and transferred to a public landfill

- Treatment and removal of the spill on the road from petroleum or using water pressure.

- Cleaning of composite reflective slides on metal and concrete protective barriers and ground reflectors

- Cleaning of the top marks mounted on camels or capoli, including the cleanliness of marks and metal structures, while ensuring the continuity of the appearance of writing clear and clean image

- Organizing traffic during work and taking into account during the execution of the work that will become the opening of the way to pass in the period specified for implementation to be closed one lane

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