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Who We Are

We have been challenged for a heavy mission, after the departure of Veolia Company in October 2011 which was responsible for cleaning Alexandria; we have been challenged to take the full responsibility by a direct order from the government to continue the mission, not just a normal mission in a normal environment but it was in a very hard time that all Egyptian have suffered from it (Egyptian revolution 2011).

We have accepted the direct order with honor to save our beloved Alexandria from an environmental catastrophic disaster due to waste cumulated, keeping all Veolia Administration& labors as they r the best expert in the waste field, so we have started at once in November 2011 creating our beloved subsidiary company { Nahdet Misr for modern environmental services} , start with our own equipments which was not equipped to collect waste, it was equipped to collect Demolition and construction materials.

At once we have collecting from the Main company Arab Contractors the best Engineering to lead the subsidiary company {Nahdet Misr for modern environmental services } to the success by making business cycle to all waste cycle ,rules , starting to purchase all equipments needed. And here we are.

We believe that we are Not 1 but we aim to be best of the best worldwide in waste management and cleaning services

Our Approach

Our future vision

A number of challenges are involved in improving service quality and performance.

The work of Nahdet Misr Services researchers is a key factor in meeting them.

Managing the organic fraction of waste

This issue is associated with the risk of soil deterioration on a global scale. It raises questions about improving the biological processes (composting, methane production) for treating organic waste, whether source-separated or not, and assessing and rating the benefits of agriculturally recycling their by-products.

Business performance

Providing clients with a competitive, environmentally friendly service is an ongoing priority for the division. The sharing and dissemination of best practices help us optimize facility design and day-to-day operation.

Knowledge and reduction of health, environmental and safety impacts

Nahdet Misr Services must offer clients sustainable service. Taking into account the division's current and potential impact and our operators' working conditions remains a high priority, and a core component of our strategy.

- Construction of waste tubes as the ones used in hotels for laundry to keep the waste away from Fareeza.
- Underground parking to enhance the sweeping service.
- Commitment of inhabitants toward backhaul waste disposal in the specified locations.
- Addition of backhaul waste collection to Nahdet Misr contract.
- Usage of mobile transfer stations specially in public markets.
- Time window determination for MSW collection.
- Legal protection of Nahdet

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