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Our vision is to achieve leadership in environmental management in Egypt by providing a range of integrated and diversified environmental services and products of high quality and advanced technology.


Nahdet Misr

It is one of the Arab Contractors companies, which was established in November 2011 to manage solid waste and general hygiene work

Alexandria Governorate assigned the cleaning work to the company in November 2011, after the departure of the French company Veolia, which was in charge of the cleaning work, and to save Alexandria from an environmental disaster due to the accumulated waste, and to preserve all the employees of the French company, because they are one of the best experts in the field of waste, and then We accepted the challenge and established Nahdet Misr Modern Environmental Services Company.

The company started with its own equipment, which was not equipped to collect waste and was soon equipped, as it carries out general cleaning work, such as manual sweeping, automatic and automatic washing of squares, streets, and beach sifting, in addition to collecting and transporting non-hazardous solid waste, and treating it with sanitary burial, or Manufacture of organic fertilizers, including collection, transportation and treatment of medical waste.

why Nahdet Misr ?

Our results speak for ourselves and the level of goodwill we obtain
is a true testament to the dedication we show to our clients.

Our team
qualified at the highest level

We strive to make the most of the knowledge and experience of each member of our team
in order to outperform our competitors

We care about quality
in every detail

Our commitment to quality is a vital component
to ensure consistent and reliable performance

Our Social

Play an active role in society through our initiatives in educating and sensitizing the community about our shared responsibility towards the environment

Nahdet Misr Services

We offer many services for solid waste management and general hygiene

Nahdat Misr Company for Modern Environmental Services is responsible for providing collection and


The company's plan to develop cleaning services for main and secondary streets depends on the provision of


The company's plan to develop services for washing streets and statues, and cleaning squares, bridges,


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