About Us

Story, Mission, Vision

Nahdat Misr Company for Modern Environmental Services was established in 2011 in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Joint Stock Companies, Partnerships Limited by Shares, Limited Liability Companies, and Single Person Companies promulgated by Law No. 159 of 1981 and its amendments, and taking into account the provisions of the Capital Market Law promulgated by Law No. 95 of 1992 and the company's articles of association

Our vision

Achieving leadership for environmental management in Egypt by providing a range of integrated and diverse environmental services and products of high quality and advanced technology to maintain a safe and sustainable environment free of pollutants and to maximize the utilization of all types of waste and its treatment to convert it into energy alternatives or dispose of objectionable ones in safe ways.

Every employee in the company, starting from the chairman of its board of directors and even the youngest modern employee in it, plays a key role in implementing this vision with professional craftsmanship to turn it into a tangible reality to meet the evolving needs of our distinguished clients

Our Mission

Development of environmental services and products provided by the company, and managing them professionally and in line with the environment with which it deals

Providing a range of innovative and distinguished solutions to our customers' problems in their dealings with the environment to ensure a high level of quality, performance, risk management and added value to our customers in accordance with the best international standards and practices

Provide excellent job opportunities with rewarding financial returns for all employees

Our goals

To be one of the best international companies in the field of industrial solid waste recycling, transportation, collection and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous solid and liquid waste, as well as hazardous and non-hazardous medical waste from all over the Republic, and dispose of them in safe ways. Introducing innovative environmental services and products that suit the economic, social and technological conditions of the Egyptian market.

Using modern systems, technologies and equipment in the field of waste and waste management in cooperation with the best international companies specialized in this field.

Providing sustainable solutions in environmental management and resource management.

Actual contribution to finding ideal and non-traditional solutions for the disposal of waste and invalid products by safe methods and in accordance with environmental conditions.

Our Services

Implementation of solid waste management works, including collection, separation, disposal, recycling, establishment and operation of maintenance workshops for the company's equipment and vehicles.

General internal and external cleaning works for facilities, collection, transportation and treatment of medical and industrial waste of all kinds, as well as rental of cars and equipment.

Supplying labor for cleaning and services work (without engaging in employment activity).

Removing and transporting accumulations and waste.

Control rodents and insects.

Production of compost.

Construction and operation of sanitary landfills.

Factory building contracting and factory technical rehabilitation.

With due regard to the provisions of applicable laws, regulations, and decisions, and to issue the necessary licenses to practice these services.

We may have an interest or participate in any way with companies and others that engage in similar business to ours and that may assist us in achieving our purpose in Egypt or abroad. provisions of the law and its executive regulations.

Why nahdet Misr ?

Our results speak for ourselves and the level of goodwill we obtain
is a true testament to the dedication we show to our clients.

Our team
qualified at the highest level

  • We strive to make the most of each member's knowledge and experience in order to outperform our competitors.
  • The company chooses to employ a team of the best elements in terms of experience, competence and personal characteristics.
  • Our team is able to meet the needs and aspirations of customers and achieve their satisfaction through a range of high-quality environmental products and services.
  • Our team performs its work in an ethical and serious manner that respects the rules of fair competition.
  • Our team is always keen to compile a database of potential environmental investments in Egypt.
  • Our team works in an atmosphere of respect and appreciation from its leaders and clients.
  • Our team respects the opinions and visions of its colleagues.
  • We are constantly striving to develop the capabilities of our employees to become the future leaders of environmental change.

Our standards
Attention to quality

  • Our commitment to quality in all of our work is a vital component of ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Our ambition, dynamism and sustainable development are driving the rapid development of our business.
  • We are a forward-looking, hard-working company that is constantly learning and constantly looking for innovative solutions and services to meet the needs of its customers

Our customers
customer comes first

  • Our focus is on the importance of developing excellent relationships with our clients.
  • We understand our clients' basic needs and meet them beyond their expectations.
  • The speed of our response to our customers' special requests on time.
  • Our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Our Social

  • We are working to preserve the environment around us and its resources.
  • Achieving a sustainable high quality of life and reducing negative environmental impacts.
  • . Protecting current and future generations from the damages of environmental pollution.
  • Development of environmental services and continuous renewal of the means and procedures that guarantee the preservation and improvement of the environment in Egypt as possible.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets comprehensive work plans to achieve both short and long-term goals of the company, in addition to defining the mechanisms for achieving these goals and monitoring performance.

Accountant/ Hossam El Din Emam
Accountant/ Hossam El Din EmamChairman of Board of Directors
Engineer/ Hossam Abdel Dayem
Engineer/ Hossam Abdel DayemDeputy Chairman of the Board
Major General/ Ahmed Sherif Lotfy
Major General/ Ahmed Sherif LotfyManaging Director
Engineer/ Mohamed Abdel Latif
Engineer/ Mohamed Abdel LatifManaging Director for Technical Affairs and Execution
Engineer/ Hossam El Din El Refi
Engineer/ Hossam El Din El RefiMember of the Board of Directors
Accountant/ Mohammad Ali Zureik
Accountant/ Mohammad Ali ZureikMember of the Board of Directors
Ms / Mushira Mahfouz
Ms / Mushira MahfouzMember of the Board of Directors
Engineer/ Samir Saadallah
Engineer/ Samir SaadallahMember of the Board of Directors


Head Quarter

1 Yousri Gohar St. Mokhles Alfy Road

Madinet Nasr, Cairo

Contact Info

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Main branch: +2 22612046

Alexandria: +2 033603999 - +2 033630849